Yoga4d von Reusch Gamemakers publishing

Aristo Tacoma,
editor of the BERLiNiB
fashion magazine,
is also the author
of a programming
language, G15 PMN.

Aristo Tacoma

Beneath you can download
freeware and open source

G15 PMN main package
Open source apps for G15 PMN:
A pathway to these apps:
The great
has binaries for Debian Linuxes
eg Neon KDE Linux, incl. with
openness for robotics modules,
which are being developed as
a decade-long project.
G15 PMN is at core compatible
from FreeDOS and all the way
around, with its own GUI--in a way,
even its own OS, and with clear-
thinking program fonts; grounded
in a coherent whole quantum physics
philosophical theory beyond half-
working numerics of string theory,
here: SuperModel Theory.pdf
[S.R.Weber is another artist name
for the undersigned, Stein Henning
Bråten Reusch or Aristo Tacoma,
each name, of course, having various
artistic passions about them].
Some more robotics oriented links here:
For Debian Linuxes, use either
Wayland login with Neon for
both fullscreen and frame,
or the g15rwx solution when
doing the X Windows approach.
For Raspberry Pi 3 and 4
with 32-bit Raspberry OS,
software runs in frame:
For mostly any 64-bit Linux
software runs in frame,
but frame can be removed such
as here, in elegant Bodhi Linux:

Here you are:
For 32-bit Legacy platforms,
Windows-relevant zips,
and more, follow links at

For Android with eg Termux,
eg as on new Samsung phones,
unrooted, normal mode,
this is the batch version,
suitable eg for robotics:

For Android, graphical 'mousesim'
version, requires physical
keyboard eg BlueTooth
connected to eg a new Samsung,
with arrowkeys replacing
mouse-use, as works well with
many G15 PMN applications:
Install info: install.txt

For Intel/AMD 64-bit Linux,
this is G15BATCH version,
suitable eg for robotics:
G15BATCH for Raspberry PI 3:
This is a 32-bit Debian version
for ARM Cpu such as in PI 3
and works also when 32-bit
Raspberry OS runs on a Raspbery PI 4.

The G15 PMN PC
with 32bit G15 CPU
is being designed,
in between other activities,
with estimated arrival
year 2030.

Contact Aristo,
whose formal name is Stein H Reusch,
or Stein Henning Reusch Bråten,
and with artist name S.R.Weber