Aristo Tacoma,
editor of the BERLiNiB
fashion magazine,
is also the author
of a programming
language, G15 PMN.

Aristo Tacoma

Beneath you can download
freeware and open source

G15 PMN main package
Open source apps for G15 PMN:
A pathway to these apps:
The great
has binaries for Debian Linuxes
eg Neon KDE Linux, incl. with
openness for robotics modules.
G15 PMN is at core compatible
from FreeDOS and all the way
around, with its own GUI--in a way,
even its own OS, and with clear-
thinking program fonts; grounded
in a coherent whole quantum physics
philosophical theory beyond half-
working numerics of string theory,
here: SuperModel Theory.pdf
[S.R.Weber is another artist name
for the undersigned, Stein Henning
Bråten Reusch or Aristo Tacoma,
each name, of course, having various
artistic passions about them].
The robotics is tested chiefly
on Raspberri PI OS but should work
across given Arduino RS232ish
connectivity to robot engines etc.
The G15 PMN FCMiii, also called Ann
[or Kidana] programming language
also has links here:
For Debian Linuxes, use either
Wayland login with Neon for
both fullscreen and frame,
or the g15rwx solution when
doing the X Windows approach.
For Raspberry Pi 3 and 4
with 32-bit Raspberry OS,
software runs in frame:
For mostly any 64-bit Linux
software runs in frame,
but frame can be removed such
as here, in the excessively
elegant Bodhi Linux:

Here you are:
For 32-bit Legacy platforms,
Windows-relevant zips,
and more, follow links at

For Android with eg Termux,
eg as on new Samsung phones,
unrooted, normal mode,
this is the batch version,
suitable eg for robotics:

For Android, graphical 'mousesim'
version, requires physical
keyboard eg BlueTooth
connected to eg a new Samsung,
with arrowkeys replacing
mouse-use, as works well with
many G15 PMN applications:
Install info: install.txt

For Intel/AMD 64-bit Linux,
this is G15BATCH version,
suitable eg for robotics:
G15BATCH for Raspberry PI 3:
This is a 32-bit Debian version
for ARM Cpu such as in PI 3
and works also when 32-bit
Raspberry OS runs on a Raspbery PI 4.

The G15 PMN PC
with 32bit G15 CPU
is being designed,
in between other activities,
with estimated arrival
year 2030.

Contact Aristo,
whose formal name is Stein H Reusch,
or Stein Henning Reusch Bråten,
and with artist name S.R.Weber